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Constellation Abbreviation Common Name Principle Star
AndromedaandPrincess AndromedaAlpheratz
AntliaantThe PumpAlpha Antliae
ApusapsThe Bird of ParadiseAlpha Apodis
AquariusaqrThe Water-BearerSadalmelik
AquilaaqlThe EagleAltair
AraaraAltarAlpha Arae
AriesariThe RamHamal
AurigaaurThe CharioteerCapella
BootesbooThe HerdsmansArcturus
CaelumcaeThe ChiselAlpha Caeli
CamelopardaliscamThe GiraffeAlpha Camelopardalis
CancercncThe CrabAcubens
Canes VenaticicvnThe Hunting DogsCor Caroli
Canis MajorcmaThe Greater DogSirius
Canis MinorcmiThe Lesser DogProcyon
CapricornuscapThe Sea GoatAlgedi
CarinacarThe KeelCanopus
CassiopeiacasThe Seated QueenSchedar
CentauruscenThe CentaurAlpha Centauri
CepheuscepThe King CepheusAlderamin
CetuscetThe Sea MonsterMenkar
ChamaeleonchaThe ChamaeleonAlpha Chamaeleontis
CircinuscirThe CompassAlpha Circini
ColumbacolThe DovePhact
Coma BerenicescomThe Hair of BereniceDiadem
Corona AustrinacrsSouthern CrownAlphecca Meridiana
Corona BorealiscrbNorthern CrownAlphecca
CorvuscrvThe CrowAl Chiba
CratercrtThe GobletAlkes
CruxcruSouthern CrossAcrux
CygnuscygThe SwanDeneb
DelphinusdelThe DolphinSualocin
DoradodorThe Gold FishAlpha Doradus
DracodraThe DragonThuban
EquuleseqeThe Little HorseKitalpha
EridanuseriThe river EridanusAchernar
FornaxforThe FurnaceAlpha Fornacis
GeminigemThe TwinsCastor
GrusgruThe CraneAlnair
HerculesherHercules, son of ZeusRas Algethi
HorologiumhorThe ClockAlpha Horologii
HydrahyaThe Sea SerpentAlpha Hydri
IndusindThe IndianAlpha Indi
LacertalacThe LizardAlpha Lacertae
LeoleoThe LionRegulus
Leo MinorlmiThe Little LionBeta Leonis Minoris
LepuslepThe HareArneb
LupuslupThe WolfAlpha Lupi
LynxlynThe WildcatAlpha Lyncis
LyralyrThe HarpVega
MensamenThe Table MountainAlpha Mensae
MicroscopiummicThe MicroscopeAlpha Microscopii
MonocerosmonThe UnicornAlpha Monocerotids
MuscamusThe FlyAlpha Muscae
NormanorThe ScaleDelta Norma
OctansoctThe OctantAlpha Octantis
OphiuchusophThe Serpent BearerRas Alhague
OrionoriThe HunterBetelgeuse
PavopavThe PeacockPeacock
PegasuspegThe Winged HorseMarkab
PerseusperPerseus, The HeroAlgenib
PhoenixPheThe PhoenixZaurac
PictorpicThe Painter's EaselAlpha Pictoris
PiscespscThe FishesAl Rescha
Piscis AustrinuspsaThe Southern FishFomalhaut
PuppispupThe Poop DeckZeta Puppis
PyxispyxThe CompassAlpha Pyxidis
ReticulumretThe ReticleAlpha Reticuli
SagittasgeThe ArrowScham
SagittariussgrThe ArcherRukbat
ScorpiusscoThe ScorpionAntares
SculptorsclThe Sculptor's StudioAlpha Sculptoris
ScutumsctThe ShieldAlpha Scuti
Serpens (Caput)serThe Serpents HeadUnukalhai
Serpens (Cauda)serThe Serpents TailUnukalhai
SextanssexThe SextantAlpha Sextantis
TaurustauThe BullAldebaran
TelescopiumtelThe TelescopeAlpha Telescopii
TriangulumtriThe TriangleCaput Trianguli
Triangulum AustrinustraThe Southern TriangleAlpha Trianguli
TucanatucThe ToucanAlpha Tucanae
Ursa MajorumaThe Great BearDubhe
Ursa MinorumiThe Little BearPolaris
VelavelThe SailGamma Velorum
VirgovirThe VirginSpica
VolansvolThe Flying FishAlpha Volans
VulpeculavulThe FoxAlpha Vulpeculae
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